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The Weekly Executive Briefings

The Weekly Executive Briefings

November  27, 2017: 11 - 12 pm GMT  (Online)


About this event

As an executive taking on leadership responsibilities, in order for you to develop an effective strategy for your business unit or organisation you need to know how to think strategically.

This online executive briefings lecture provides you with an insight into the concept of the strategic thinking and how to contribute effectively to the strategic debate in your organisation.

Topics Covered
  • What is strategic thinking?

  • Who needs to think strategically?

  • When should you think strategically?

  • Setting the scene for creative thinking

  • What skills do you need to be able to think strategically?

  • How to plan for the future? 


Dr Nasreddin Dhafr, Ph.D, MSc, BSc, HELTA

Dr Dhafr is the CEO of Certeglobal, award winning knowledge transfer practitioner, the founder and chair of the EXIP annual symposium, academic lecturer and principle consultant in the fields of strategy implementation, change initiatives and business transformation.





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