Strategic Planning & Future Studies

Strategic planning is a best practice tool that guides organisation's decisions in assessing and determining future directions, setting priorities and focusing resources to reach higher goals. Our strategic planning services helps clients to assess the current state of the organisation and determine the desired future state. We also help clients to shape desirable futures and we offer to them new insights and fresh ideas based on our knowledge of futures research.
In CERTEGLOBAL, we provide to our clients advisory, consulting and coaching services to develop and implement their strategies. Our service in this area is inclusive of:
  • Strategic assessment

  • Business analysis

  • Scenario planning & risk assessment

  • Development of strategic plans

  • Development and update of business and operating models

  • Organisational readiness assessment

  • Development of operational plans & action plans

  • Review & update of strategies

  • Strategy impact assessment

  • Strategy auditing

  • Future studies

  • Technology foresight reports

  • Conducting Benchmarking studies

  • Development of strategic leaders

  • Managing strategic projects


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