Human Resources Management


Human resources are the cornerstone of any organisation. Success of organisations is dependent on the effective management of their human resources. Any organisation that seeks an additional competitive advantage must adopt a good human resources management practices that depend primarily on efficiency and effectiveness of human resources functions, processes and systems.
Human resources management is about selecting the most efficient staff to work in the organisation and maintaining the existing staff through the development of initiatives, programmes and regulations that regulate the relationship between the organisation and its employees with an aim to obtain best efficiency and effectiveness of both the organisation and its employees.
In CERTEGLOBAL, we provide to our clients advisory, consulting and coaching services to enhance their HR management functions. Our service in this area is inclusive of:
  • Improving HR department practices
  • Employees performance management
  • Development of competences and skills frameworks
  • Workforce planning
  • Career paths planning
  • Succession planning
  • Leaders development
  • Selection of leaders & managers
  • Managing training & development
  • Recruitment & selection of staff
  • Developing workforce nationalisation plans
  • Developing HR manuals, policies and procedures
  • HR department auditing
  • Psychometric testing
  • HR information systems
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