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Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change both from the perspective of an organisation and the individual. It enables organisations to update and upgrade their setups and work practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, provide high quality and fast services to clients and aid in the transition of people from their current state to a desired future state.

Culture, leadership, people, organisational structure, old technologies and business processes are barriers to change and without adequate change management process in place, there is a high risk that these barriers can lead to strategy and organisational initiatives implementation failure.

To help our clients manage complex organisational initiatives, we provide them with consultancy and support in their change and business transformation projects and to make change happen by acting in three specific directions as follows:

  • Defining the need for change: this is a discovery phase and involve analysis of the current state of the organisation and identification of the anticipated future state. The analysis of the current state of the organisation involves assessment and review of customers, current processes, systems, people and products, while the identification of the future state involves defining change direction & objectives, risks and investment.
  • Designing roadmap for the change: this is a planning phase and involves creating a change vision and goals, schedule tasks, estimate resources and define mechanisms that aimed at transitioning and migratingthe organisation to the future state.
  • Managing the change: this is a transformation phase and involves execution and implementation of the change plan, creating cross-functional teams and monitoring results. Our support in this direction also involves coaching client’s employees through change and creating 'change champions'.

This approach helps organisations not only make the change happen but also sustain the benefits.

The change projects that we undertake can be large-scale, such as organisational restructuring, business process re-engineering, implementing new operating model, electronic transformation, transition to e-government, culture change, or more contained, such as implementation of new IT systems or merging two departments.

With Certeglobal as your service provider for managing change and transformation initiatives, you will have access to the right consultants, specialists and tools for your project, with accreditations, qualifications and skills meeting industrial standards. We offer our expertise and tools, and together with you, carry out the transformation of your business.

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