Transformational Leaders Development


To help our clients attain their strategic objectives, we tailored this leadership development programme to prepare their staff to take leadership roles in implementation of strategies and new initiatives in their organisations. The programme refines people’s skills and trains them in leadership and management practices that enable them to effectively lead and deal with challenges of strategies and new initiative implementations. The programme consists of a number training courses; each course covers topics related to leadership development. The programme objectives are:
  • Develop staff and enhance their leadership skills.
  • Enable staff to take leadership roles and responsibilities now and in the future.
  • Achieve the organisation’s strategic goals through the qualification of its leaders.
CERTEGLOBAL’s Framework for Leadership Development
The CERTEGLOBAL Leadership Development Programme focuses on three key aspects:
Strategic thinking Capabilities: Developing people’s ability to understand the whole picture of the organisation, develop a view that transcends the narrow boundaries of the organisation, develop future visions, propose creative solutions to complex issues, think outside the box and understand customer needs, market trends and the impact of geopolitical trends on the organisation's ability to achieve its strategic objectives.
Strategy implementation capabilities: Developing people’s ability to transform strategies into results, lead change, implement initiatives and projects on time and budget and, according to agreed quality standards, make effective decisions, solve problems, and perform risk management and strategic communication and measure and improve performance.
Personal leadership skills: Developing people’s ability to lead positively and collaboratively across professionally diverse teams and in a dynamic and fast-growing environment, to lead and engage others in work, to influence and develop them in order to achieve the highest level of performance, to build relationships and to have effective internal and external communication.


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