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To tackle a client’s short-notice proficiency gaps, we provide them with highly qualified and skilled consultants and specialists in temporary and short-term contract arrangements. These consultants and specialists work for an agreed period of time on client’s departments to perform certain tasks and to ensure a full transfer of knowledge to clients’ staff by sharing expertise and providing training and technical support.
Typical works revolve around:

  • Strategy implementation
  • Organisational transitions and change
  • Implementation of organisational restructuring
  • Strategic impact analysis
  • Implementation of performance measurement framework & KPIs
  • HR department development
  • Leadership development
  • IT & IS systems implementation
  • Project management
We identify the client’s requirements, in line with the needs, and we utilise appropriate screening and matching of methods to ensure that we provide consultants and specialists that match the stringent specifications to work for the client on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis with average durations dependent completely upon client’s requirements.

During their work with clients, we provide our short term consultants and specialists with support services, such as visa and immigration arrangements, flight tickets, local transport, accommodation in transit and payroll.

 Benefits to the Client
  • High-quality work performed by specialists
  • Adding new skills and experience to local staff
  • Local staff becoming more responsive to the needs of their organisations
  • No additional full-time staff required.
  • Time and cost savings related to the long time spent hunting for and recruitment of specialist skillsets.




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