Towards Achieving Service Excellence

Unlocking Success through Change and Innovation

What is this Excellence Programme?

Towards Achieving Service Excellence™ is a unique catalyst for organisational change. It leads organisations to achieve excellence in the quality of services that they provide to their clients and win national excellence awards and prizes. It is a quick and practical way for confirming an organisation’s credentials.

By joining this improvement programme, the organisation can easily evaluate the standards and level of achievements in the service they offer and then start the journey of achieving excellence.

The five-perspective model in the diagram below shows the key areas for the service excellence programme.


Key Benefits of the Programme
  • It helps in developing your organisation today for success tomorrow
  • It provides an insight into your organisation's current capability and areas to improve
  • It demonstrates your organisation's commitment to service excellence
  • It provides evidence that the organisation and workers have the up to date basic development and the specific training they need to achieve service excellence

The Excellence Journey

The diagram below gives an indication of the three different levels of the Excellence Journey, from the Managed, through to Leading organisations those are in the sustaining excellence phase. At the beginning of the programme the organisation is allocated a programme leader and a team of consultants with specialised expertise to facilitate the change and make the programme successful. We start by applying our Self-assessment tool which helps you to identify where the organisation is on the journey of service excellence, then determines what approach is right for your organisation. A plan is then agreed and implementation starts.

Organisations that successfully complete our Excellence Journey can choose to receive the CERTEGLOBAL certificate as proof of Service Excellence. This can not only be a point of pride within your organisation, but is credential to show to national prizes assesors, clients and regulatory bodies.

How to Join the Excellence Programme

To find out more about the Excellence Programme and how to join it, or to request our self-assessment tool.
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