Enhancing Innovation & Creativity 

Every organisation wants to be known as creative and innovative. In today’s business environment creativity and innovation give the organisation an unmatched competitive advantage. CERTEGLOBAL is unique in providing organisations around the world with wide-ranging support in the creativity and innovation process, as well as guiding executives in the process of embedding the creativity and innovation support system.

Our service in this area is inclusive of:

  • Management of creativity and innovation in organizations
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of creativity and innovation in organizations
  • Building creativity and innovation in organizations
  • Promoting a culture of creativity and innovation
  • Building creative and innovative organizations
  • Application of best practices for knowledge management
  • Establishing and managing knowledge transfer programmes
  • Support and management of entrepreneurship initiatives
  • Support of innovative small businesses
  • Strengthening intellectual properties (IP) management initiatives
  • Support and management of innovative technology incubators




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